Our school values

We are proud of the opportunities we offer our students, both in and beyond the classroom. Our school motto “Education for Life” underpins our strategic vision to prepare our students for the ever changing social, cultural, economic and technological world. Education never ends, and we are always learning and developing, adapting our curriculum and making sure we are preparing students for the future.

At Dorothy Stringer School we nurture our students’ emotional wellbeing in a safe and happy environment, where they are known and supported as individuals. We give our students the confidence to be ambitious, determined and independent. Students take pride in our school and in their own achievements as well as in the achievements of others. We work hard to develop partnerships with parents and carers; their interest, support and commitment is vital. We aim to be a community that is open to all, where everyone feels respected and valued. 

We have high aspirations for our students, but we also believe that learning should be enjoyable. We learn throughout our school experience, achieving together. These aren’t empty strap lines – our values guide everything we do. There is a strong focus on achievement and excellence but also an underlying ethos that through teamwork and perseverance we can achieve much more, whether this is teachers working together, parents working with staff or the students helping and supporting each other.  

Our focus is on developing curious, well-rounded young adults. Our primary goal is to challenge all of our students to maximise their progress during their time with us. We want them to leave school with not only the best possible qualifications but also a lifelong love of learning – hence our strong belief in “education for life”. 

We expect excellence and progress from each and every student while recognising their particular talents and challenges. We encourage students to aim high, take risks and learn through their mistakes – all part of preparing them for life after school. 

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