Pupil premium

The Pupil Premium Grant was first introduced in 2011 and is provided to schools with the aim of raising the attainment of disadvantaged students, of all abilities, to achieve their potential.

The Pupil Premium is used to support students who are recorded on our school census and who are known to be:

  • eligible for free school meals, or have been eligible in the past six years
  • adopted from care or have left care
  • looked after by the Local Authority

If you think that your child might be eligible for free school meals, please visit this page on our website: Free school meals information

Although not based on disadvantage, the Service Pupil Premium has been combined into the pupil premium payments to make it easier for schools to manage their spending. This funding is to help with pastoral support. Students who attract the Service Pupil premium have a parent who:

  • is serving in HM Forces
  • has retired on a pension from the Ministry of Defence

Each year schools are required to publish a Pupil Premium Strategy Statement detailing how they have allocated their Pupil Premium Grant and the impact of the Grant in the previous year. This year the Pupil Premium Statement also includes details of the Recovery Premium, an additional one-off fund provided as part of a package to support educational recovery after the disruption caused to face-to-face learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A Covid-19 Catch-Up Premium and a Summer Schools Fund were also made available to support children and young people to catch up on missed learning.

This is especially important for our most vulnerable students and students from disadvantaged backgrounds, who we know have been most affected.

The below documents give details of our provision:

2021 Pupil Premium Statement FINAL.pdf
Covid-19 Catch-Up Premium Report 2021-2022.pdf
Dorothy Stringer Summer School Impact Report 2021.pdf


For any enquiries about the Pupil Premium, please contact Loretta Lloyd, Assistant Headteacher: lyd@dorothy-stringer.co.uk


Last updated December 2021

These documents are constantly under review. They are republished annually.