Our school is one in which we want students to flourish both academically and socially. We aim to foster a healthy and safe community where individuals take responsibility for their own behaviour and show respect for others, emphasizing the importance of positive relationships amongst all members of our school community. 

Our school’s commitment is that when a student, parent or carer speaks out about bullying: 

  • they will be listened to 
  • their concerns will be taken seriously 
  • the matters will be investigated 
  • together we will find a way to tackle it 
  • someone will be there to help and support them. 

Early identification of bullying is the most effective way of minimising bullying behaviour and the effects on the person being bullied. We also acknowledge that the student doing the bullying needs to understand that their behaviour is unacceptable and will need support to change their behaviour and explore the underlying reasons for bullying.  

Students are encouraged to report any harmful or hurtful behaviour, even if they are not sure whether it is bullying. They are encouraged to report for themselves or for their friends. They can do this through: 

  • Speaking to their class teacher / Pastoral Manager / Head of Year  
  • Speaking to another trusted adult in the school community  
  • Speaking to a parent/other adult who may then contact the school 
  • Reporting their concern through our online reporting tool within the SLG 
  • Calling a confidential helpline such as ChildLine.  

Bullying is something that we do not tolerate at school. There are many things we can, and will, do if your child is experiencing bullying. We have an experienced, caring and helpful pastoral team who will take the most appropriate actions to support you and your child.