Dorothy Stringer school uniform

The main aim of our uniform policy is to ensure that students come to school dressed in safe, practical, smart clothes, ready to perform at their best. All students must follow the school’s uniform policy.

Dorothy Stringer recognises the value of having a school uniform for the following reasons:

  • Safeguarding – If all the students in our school wear a clearly recognisable uniform, it is easy to identify strangers on site. On the way to and from school, it also affords a degree of safety as the students are part of a large body of young people and will look out for each other.
  • Wellbeing – Uniform provides a sense of equity and belonging to a community for our students.
  • Preparation for the future – Many jobs require staff to wear a uniform or follow a dress code. School uniform helps young people get used to dressing to a prescribed standard. It also helps them know the difference between formal and informal dress.
  • Value for money – Good quality school uniform is a relatively cheap way of dressing young people for school. We believe that a school uniform should be practical for everyday use and provide value for money. The main items of the uniform can be purchased from Monk House. However, we have also joined with Smarter Uniforms, an organisation which provides second hand school uniforms to families in Brighton and Hove. Monk House: Dorothy Stringer School (URN-114580) – School (
  • Ready for work – Putting on school uniform is a signal you are going to work .
  • A sense of pride – We all feel proud of our young people when they are well dressed in Stringer uniform.

Families who are experiencing financial hardship can contact the Financial Support Officer to request assistance with purchasing uniform: email:

Our uniform is gender-neutral: any items of uniform can be worn by students of any gender.

Dorothy Stringer School Equipment
We ask students to bring their own equipment to school every day. This supports students in being ready to learn in all their lessons and developing their independence and responsibility.
Should students not have a piece of equipment, we ask that they take responsibility for this and speak to their tutor as soon as possible so that we can support them in having the right equipment for their learning. Should any student be experiencing financial hardship and not able to bring the right equipment to school on regular basis, we ask that parents contact the school, and we will be able to support the student.