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The Exams Team

Results day came a week early this year, however students awaited their results with the same levels of excitement and anticipation as previous years. This has been an exceptionally challenging year for all students taking GCSEs, so today we must remind ourselves to celebrate the hard work and resilience of Year 11 students, as well as the professionalism of teachers.

Dorothy Stringer students have achieved outstanding results despite the disruption over the last two years. These results reflect, not just the previous two years of study, but the years of hard work and dedication they have undertaken at Dorothy Stringer School and our students and their parents/carers should be rightly proud of their achievements.

Grades have been issued to students, not on the basis of exam performance, but on the professional opinion and expertise of school staff. We have applied a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure that grades are fair with no scope for unintentional bias. Staff have shown great integrity in issuing grades that reflect the hard work and endeavour shown by students and all grades were carefully considered. Students have coped with huge disruption to their learning, and the uncertainty over whether examinations would take place. However they have shown resilience and managed with the ever changing decision making from central government. Most importantly, we are confident that they are fully prepared for the next stage of their education.

Dorothy Stringer is used to achieving strong outcomes in both attainment and progress. In line with the national picture, results at Stringer are up on 2019 results with 91% achieving a grade 4 or better in English and 81% in Maths. Value Added outcomes have remained steady at over a quarter of a grade per qualification, evidence that students continue to do better at Stringer than statistically predicted. It was wonderful to see results where students had made such strong progress over the five years. Lots of our students achieved significantly above national expectations given their starting point, including Dylan Caddick and Eva Kurschinski-Chavarri who both achieved an average of over 3½ grades per subject above national expectations!

Top performers included Alice Ward, who achieved an A in FSMQ Additional Maths (a level 3 qualification), together with 10 grade 9s and one grade 8. Eve Sharma and Sam Patterson also achieved 10 GCSEs at grade 9.

Our most recent published results (GCSE 2019) were as follows:

Progress 8 +0.19
Attainment 853.7
Percentage of Students with a pass (4+) in English and Maths78%
Percentage of Students with a strong pass (5+) in English and Maths59%
Percentage of students entered for the Ebacc12%
EBacc Average Points Score4.5
Percentage of students staying in education or employment 97%

Information For Candidates Documents – JCQ

The information listed below is to inform you about the regulations, laid down by the Joint Council for Qualifications, covering coursework and all on-screen tests or written external examinations sat at school. Exam boards apply various sanctions if a candidate does not comply with the regulations.






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