Contact Us

You can contact Dorothy Stringer School by email, telephone, or post using the contact details below


Dorothy Stringer School, Loder Road, Brighton, BN1 6PZ


01273 852222


If you would like to contact a member of staff, the email format is (3-letter staff code)

Your child’s form tutor and teachers’ codes can all be found on your child’s timetable on the SLG.


​Telephone number

​E-mail address

Attendance Office

01273 852217

Communications Office

01273 852264

Exams Office

01273 852220

First Aid Room

01273 852216

General Email Enquiries

​Headteacher’s Office


Pastoral Hub

01273 852214

Safeguarding Lead

Mr G Ward

​School Reception

​01273 852222


School Trips

01273 852218

SEN Coordinator

Mr P Watson

SIMS Manager

01273 852212

Dorothy Stringer School operates an Appointment Only system for all visitors.

Please complete this form and return to our reception team. They will notify the member of staff you wish to meet, who will then contact you as soon as possible to arrange a mutually convenient time face to face or telephone appointment.

How to raise a concern or make a complaint

A concern or complaint can be made in person, in writing (by email, letter or using our Contact Form or Complaint Form) or by phone. It may also be made by a third party acting on your behalf, as long as they have appropriate consent to do so. 

If you wish to raise a concern, i.e., seeking reassurance about a particular issue, your first point of contact is usually a student’s form tutor. If you have difficulty discussing a concern with a particular member of staff, please contact the headteacher, who will refer you to another member of staff. Similarly, if the member of staff directly involved feels unable to deal with a concern, they may refer you to another staff member, who may be more senior but does not have to be.

You are welcome to use this form to contact us; please leave your name and contact details if you would like a response.

If you wish to make a formal complaint, you should follow the stages outlined in Complaints Procedure. It is helpful if you complete the complaint form at the end of this procedure as it ensures the school has all the necessary details about the complaint. Our complaints procedure and form can be found here on our policies page.  However, you may also raise your complaint in person or by telephone, in which case the person you raise the complaint with will complete the form.